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Balltime is the first platform that uses the magic of AI to analyze your volleyball footage, automatically break down plays and remove downtime, saving you hours of long and tedious editing.
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Save hours of  tedious editing
Balltime automatically provides rally, player and action level clip break down, which means you save 90% of the time you would be spending using manual tools.
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Videos that make themselves
All you need to do is select your best clips, and our automatic highlight generator will edit them together at light speed.
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Never lose game footage
By having all of your games stored, broken down and clipped automatically, you’ll never again have to waste time locating your precious clips.

How our AI works

Balltime is powered by an AI model that was trained to recognize, understand and analyze volleyball footage.
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Upload your clips from any source 🎥

Whether it be official game footage, a game you filmed yourself or a Youtube link, you can upload any video you have. No need for expensive recording equipment.

Rally Breakdown ✂️

Balltime automatically removes all of the downtime in your game (up to 70% of the total video!) and groups all of the rallies in a clean and intuitive interface.

Action Identification 🏐

Balltime automatically identifies each action from the game, and breaks them down into clips. Easily single out and visualize serves, passes, spikes, blocks and digs.

Highlights that make themselves 🎬

Review the footage from multiple games simultaneously, select your best clips and edit your video - all in the same interface. It’s that simple

Our Reviews

Balltime is being used by hundreds of Parents, Coaches, and Student-Athletes alike.
“There is honestly no going back to regular editing once you’ve used the Balltime platform. Trying it once was all it took for me to be convinced”
“As soon as I realized how easy it was to use for both parents and kids, I started telling everyone to get on it and start editing their highlights ASAP”
Hunter VolleyBall Head Coach (D3)
“It usually takes me 4-5 hours to edit a highlight video after a tournament. Once I uploaded my video to Balltime, I was able to create my video in just under 30minutes”
Student Athlete (Sophomore)

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Balltime is designed for busy schedules. Because we know editing film is insanely time-consuming. And because we know time is your most precious asset.