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About Balltime
What is Balltime

Balltime is the A.I. volleyball app that brings you pro-quality game breakdown, video analysis and highlight builder.

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Getting Started
What is Balltime

Balltime is the A.I. volleyball app that brings you pro-quality game breakdown, video analysis and highlight builder.

What angle do I need to film the game in?

The Balltime model works best filmed from the back of the court (behind the serving line). This is also the angle that college coaches find the most helpful to visualize highlights. However, if you happen to have footage from a different angle the model will still work. Another important thing to keep in mind is that videos need to be filmed horizontally, not vertically. 

What kind of camera do I need?

You can use any recording device you have on hand. The way Balltime works is that you upload the digital file to the platform, and the model will analyze that footage. The better the recording quality, the better the output will be but most modern smartphones will do the trick.

Do I need a Tripod?

We highly recommend using a Tripod for optimal recording quality. Tripods ensure that the footage won't be too "shaky" and the framing will remain consistent throughout the game. Handheld recording can also cut out some parts of play (if you're zooming in on a player for instance), which results in the model not being able to fully analyze the game and can cause issues in the points breakdown. 

How do I upload footage to Balltime?

Once you've created your account, all you need to do is to manually upload your game like you would any other file. If you've already uploaded your game to YouTube, you can also simply copy/paste the link of the game into Balltime and the platform will pull the game from there. 
Learn how to import videos for processing here.

How much time will my video take to process?

The video processing usually takes one hour once the footage has been uploaded. (Upload times vary based on Internet speed and length/resolution of video)

Should I Upload the full game or multiple sets?

Both work, but it depends how you want to organize your files and to create your highlights. We think it's easier to upload one single file of the whole game and to simply find the highlights from there. But if you'd rather organize your video Library with each set in a separate file, you can also do that. 

Creating Highlights
What happens when my game is uploaded?

As soon as your game is uploaded, you'll receive a notification that your recording has been processed, analyzed and is ready for you to start editing highlights. 

What exactly does the AI do?

Balltime's proprietary AI model has been trained to analyze and understand volleyball footage. Every single rally is broken down, all the dead space between points is removed and clips based on rallies are automatically aggregated into an easy-to-visualize list.
The AI model also recognizes Actions (such as serves, spikes, digs etc) and Players (see below) and creates clips for those as well. 

Does the AI model recognize players?

The AI model recognizes and singles out individual players, meaning that you can filter actions from a specific athlete. Once you've uploaded a video, make sure you Edit the player identification (in the Actions tab) and you'll then be able to visualize all of their plays!

How do I select the clips I want to include in my highlights video?

Once your recording is uploaded and has been processed, you'll notice that every single clip (rallies and actions) is aggregated in a dynamic list that you can see as the video plays. You can also choose to filter the viewing on a specific type of action (kill, pass, assist, dig, etc), so you don't have to rewatch the whole game. Simply favorite each clip that you want to include in your highlight video, and it will be added automatically. 

Can I pull footage from multiple sources into one video?

Yes, we created a dedicated tool specifically for that purpose. On your Dashboard you'll notice an option called "Highlight Videos". Our proprietary Highlight Generator will display all the different footage sources you want to extract clips from in one interface, and all you need to do is to toggle between them and select your favorite clips (based on rallies and actions). Your Highlight Video will be built dynamically as you go, and you can add/remove clips as you go. 

How can I share my session with other players on Balltime?

To share your session with another People who is part of the recording, simply add them to your team or send them the Balltime video link.

What do I need to include in my Highlight Video?

To put it simply, the best clips that will fully display the qualities that college coaches are looking for: athleticism, talent, grit, team spirit, power, etc. Each position has different requirements, which is why we'll soon be adding templates & guides for each type of player. In the meantime, if you feel a bit overwhelmed as to what to do, feel free to reach out to us and ask us for help!

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