Our commitment to the Volleyball Community: improve & innovate

The Balltime Team

 At Balltime, we are passionate players, enthusiasts, and dreamers dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Today, we are proud to reaffirm our commitment to you and to the sport we all love.

Humbled by the progress we've made and the community that stands behind us, we're reminded of the core principles that have guided us from the very beginning.

  1. Our commitment to listening to our users 
  2. Our commitment to improving the platform
  3. Our commitment to driving innovation

This isn't just a promise—it's the foundation upon which Balltime stands.

In this memo, we invite you to delve deeper into our ethos, as we share the driving forces behind our product development roadmap and our vision for the future.


Founding Principle #1 -- We will always listen to our users 


Our approach to software development is fast, iterative, and relies almost exclusively on our users' inputs. 

As volleyball players/coaches, we are actively part of the volleyball community - and have always loved being close to our users. 

Through hundreds of user interviews, our Balltime Community Group, and our focus on stellar customer service, we continuously adapt our efforts based on our community needs. 


This circular feedback loop creates a virtuous circle: the more we build features for our users, the more we hear from them and the more we're able to innovate & improve. 

Founding Principle #2 -- We will always improve 


At Balltime, our obsession with improvement is at the heart of everything we do. We believe that the key to delivering an exceptional user experience lies in our relentless pursuit of quality. Every piece of feedback, every suggestion, and every interaction with our community fuels our drive to make Balltime better, more intuitive, and more powerful.

Using computer vision and machine learning we are progressively building up one of the most powerful proprietary technologies for Team Sports, and the only one for Volleyball.

Our core technology underpins every single feature on the platform, and we constantly iterate to improve, tweak and adjust our models so that they become more and more accurate.


Our dedication to R&D and continuous improvement ensures that Balltime will always remain a dynamic and ever-evolving platform to meet the needs of our community.


Founding Principle #3 -- We will always innovate


Innovation has always been a driving force in our journey. Eighteen months in, it keeps us on our toes, excites us, and motivates us to keep charging ahead. 

Last October, we launched our setting trajectories as a challenge to ourselves, without really knowing what people would think, and it blew up on social media, showcasing again the power of a true, innovative feature. 

Today, we are happy to share an overview of our product roadmap and our vision for the future of Volleyball Video & Analytics.


This list is an ever-evolving, dynamic one that ebbs and flows according to the feedback we get from the market. As such, we'd love to hear from you about what you'd like to see on the platform and are always looking for feedback/suggestions. 


A quick glance into our Product Roadmap:

  • Automatic jump height detection (+ all associated stats) 
  • Practice-specific App (serving speeds, delay app, jump load management)
  • Automatic Set type detection (Go, Bic, Red ...) 
  • Positional Data insights (heatmaps, positioning insights, tempos) 
  • Live Coding (10-sec delay post rally for live stats ...) 
  • In-App Recording 
  • Video Exchange 
  • Tournament-specific product 
  • ... and many more! 

Pushing the sport forward

Volleyball's momentum around the globe is growing faster than it ever has. With the Paris Olympics just around the corner, the advent of US-based Pro Women's Leagues, and the organic growth of youth volleyball participation rates - we think the next decade will see Volleyball finally get its shot at the spotlight on the big stage. 

As players/coaches, we are inherently embedded in the fabric of the sport and our ambition is to keep pushing the sport forward through cutting-edge technology. 

We are excited about what the future holds, and very proud to make our impact on this global movement. 


The Balltime Team

The Balltime Team
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