Film Study Masterclass
with Zoe Fleck

Film study has long been used by professional athletes to enhance performance analysis, tactical awareness, opponent scouting, mental preparation and skill development. Now Zoe will share her film study process and teach you how to build your own!
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Zoe Fleck shares the power of film study as she reveals the secrets and techniques that made her a three-time conference libero of the year and 2022 first team All-American. Join Zoe as she walks you through every major match of her national championship winning season with the University of Texas. From non-conference battles with Stanford and Minnesota to the final four and national championship matches with San Diego and Louisville, Zoe will share how she scouted, prepared and played during Texas’ historic season.
A Yearly Subscription to Balltime
Balltime is the first-ever volleyball AI platform, created by players for players. Use our smart AI filters to break down your videos automatically, analyze your games in an instant and power your recruiting journey.
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6 Months Online Class
“If I could give one piece of advice to athletes wanting to improve their game it would be learn to study film! Anyone can do it but no one really teaches you how, even in college. Film study was the single most important addition to my game on my journey from walk-on to national champion.” Zoe Fleck
6 Live Classes
90 min/class
Tactical Awareness
Opponent scouting
Mental Preparation
Skill Development
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A Yearly Subscription to Balltime

Balltime is the first-ever Volleyball AI platform, created by players for players. Use our Smart AI Filters to break down your videos automatically, analyze your games in an instant and power your Recruiting Journey.

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Hear it from the Balltime Team

When we found out about Zoe's story, we were amazed to hear how aligned our visions were. The fact that film study played such an integral part in her journey from walk-on to NCAA champion makes this partnership a dream come true for us. We're incredibly happy to open up the wonders of pro level video & analytics to the next generation of athletes, and can't think of a better person than Zoe to teach young athletes how to use them effectively

Tom and Dan
Balltime co-Founders

Course price

This masterclass is being run in partnership with Balltime, giving athletes access to the same platform Zoe will be using throughout the course. Balltime is an industry-leading A.I.-powered platform. As part of the course fee, each participant will receive a 12-month Balltime membership and access to all learning materials used throughout the masterclass. In addition to having access to all of the matches Zoe uploads, athletes will also have the ability to upload and analyze their own game film on the Balltime platform. The course will include various Q&A opportunities during which Zoe will feature footage uploaded by athletes participating in the masterclass and answer their questions in person!

Online Class

6 Month Program
6 x 90min Classes
Program Starts June 15th


12 Month Subscription
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Total price

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Frequently asked questions

About the Online Class
Who is Zoe Fleck?

Zoe is a professional volleyball player and a member of the US Women’s National Team. In 2022, Zoe won the NCAA Women’s Volleyball National Championship as the starting libero for the University of Texas. Zoe is also the owner and founder of All Out Volleyball, which she established in 2021 to provide elite volleyball coaching.

Is this masterclass only for liberos?

This masterclass will teach athletes elite film study techniques to elevate their volleyball performance. As such, this masterclass will be beneficial to volleyball players of all positions.

What skill-level or age is the masterclass appropriate for?

This masterclass is designed for volleyball players of all ages and skill levels. It is also open to both male and female athletes. As with all online classes, a basic level of technical proficiency will be required so for athletes under 12, we recommended having a parent present when setting up your Balltime account and logging into the classes.

Will Zoe be watching my film and giving me feedback?

If you participate in this masterclass and upload your game footage into Balltime, you will have a chance each month of your film being used as part of the session where Zoe gives public feedback on your game film. All participants in the masterclass also have the option of tagging Zoe in their game film to receive at least one (1) piece of direct feedback from Zoe during the masterclass.

How will participants meet with Zoe?

Zoe will send a Zoom link 2 days before each session to the same email address participants use when signing up for the masterclass. Zoe will host sessions live on Zoom. Participants will also be logged into their Balltime account during sessions so they can follow along with the game film Zoe references and take part in discussions.

How much does the masterclass cost?

The total price of the masterclass is $390. That includes 6 sessions with Zoe at $25 each, as well as a 12 month subscription to Balltime valued at $240.

Can I record the classes myself or share them with my friends who aren’t participating in the masterclass?

Sessions will be recorded by Zoe should participants be unable to attend in person. Any other recording of this masterclass is strictly prohibited. All masterclass content is owned by All Out Volleyball and the unauthorized distribution of content is a violation of United States law and will result in prosecution.

How do I cancel?

If you’ve signed up and don’t wish to participate you can contact us up to seven days before the first masterclass session for a full refund. After that date, no refunds will be possible.

About the Balltime subscription
What is Balltime?

Balltime is an AI-powered volleyball video & analytics platform for student-athletes and players who want to easily break down their volleyball footage, use easy performance analysis tools, and create video highlights for recruiting or social. 

Why do I need a Balltime subscription to take part in this masterclass?
What if I already have a Balltime subscription?

Zoe will be using the Balltime platform throughout the entirety of the masterclass to share film, highlight techniques and disseminate coaching both during live sessions and in between classes. As such the Balltime platform is integral to this masterclass, so it would not be possible to participate without a subscription. Unfortunately this masterclass is only available to new Balltime users.

How do I use it? 

Once you sign up to the course, you'll receive instructions to create your Balltime account and get started on uploading your own Game Film. You will receive all the How-To Guides from Balltime on how to use the platform once you create your account. 

Can I use it for my own videos? 

Yes absolutely! The Balltime platform offers automatic breakdowns of your film in less than hour, as well as the possibility to create easy recruiting highlight videos. 

Have more questions?

Just reach out, we’re always around to answer any questions.

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